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Current Release

Track Version Release Date
Google Play 2.9.0 25 May 2020

Release 2.9.0 (6311528)

(CP-190) Playback position is now indicated during playback

Release 2.8.2 (6311527)

(CP-233) Fixed a regression where the Download All feature could cause the app to get stuck when used for a track which does not have all three resource types (recording, score, all-parts recording)

Release 2.8.1 (6311526)

(CP-232) News and video feed UX improvements

Release 2.8.0 (6311525)

(CP-186) The app bar has been removed in favour of contextual action buttons

(CP-202) Draggable progress bar is now disabled when playback stopped

(CP-220) Technical changes to identify updated resources more accurately

(CP-231) News and YouTube links are now displayed within the app for some groups

Release 2.7.1 (6311524)

(CP-224) Fixed a bug which caused some users to get duplicate notifications

(CP-226) Fixed a bug where playlist order may not have been persisted correctly after reordering tracks

Release 2.7.0 (6311522)

(CP-119) Added drag and drop seeking as a feature preview

(CP-129) Improved playback rate component UX

(CP-172) Outdated tracks can now be updated automatically (configurable in Preferences)

(CP-173) Improved spacing of player controls

(CP-177) Added an action menu to the playlist screen (feature preview)

(CP-180) Added display of playback time as a feature preview

(CP-184) When searching, Android back button will now clear the search

(CP-185) Score viewer background now adjusts to light/dark theme on Android

(CP-188) Added a Send Feedback link in settings

(CP-191) A hint advising of feature previews is shown once on startup

(CP-198) Fixed a bug where sometimes a previously displayed score would be shown again for the first track of a Play All queue

(CP-208) Fixed a bug where deleting the all-parts recording could have deleted the other resources for the same track

Release 2.6.3 (6311520)

(CP-178) Replaced native buttons with custom ones that look the same on iOS and Android

(CP-182) Fixed a bug where the info/score icon was incorrectly positioned when no custom playlists had been created

(CP-183) Fixed a bug where the Android back button wasn't disabled while editing a playlist, resulting in app staying locked after back button press

Release 2.6.2 (6311519)

(CP-165) Improved downloading behaviour to prevent scenarios where the app may get stuck in a downloading state, and added progress visualisation to download button component.

(CP-166) Track list rows now show the info icon when no score has been downloaded

(CP-167) Track lists are now synced automatically

(CP-169) Icon sizes now adjust to device font scaling

(CP-170) Track info sections are now sorted by download order, i.e. score first

Release 2.6.1 (6311513)

(CP-164) A hint advising of score focus mode is displayed once when the score viewer is first opened

Release 2.6.0 (6311511)

(CP-137) Where a newer version of a downloaded resource is available, this will now be indicated

(CP-163) UX improvements to move track info screen into player and show fewer buttons in the track list

Release 2.5.3 (6311505)

(CP-159) Notifications have been enabled for all groups

Release 2.5.2 (6311504)

(CP-162) Nav bar animations have been disabled, as the underlying library is causing issues. Animations can be re-enabled via experimental features.

Release 2.5.1 (6311503)

(CP-138) Added capability to switch between main and alternate recording (e.g. all-parts recording) during playback

(CP-156) Removed All Tracks playlist. Find all tracks in Search tab instead.

(CP-157) Fixed an issue where the toggle enabled state colour change was delayed on Android

Release 2.5.0 (6311501)

(CP-155) Added a colour scheme picker as an experimental feature that can be enabled in settings

(CP-151) Playlist sorting is now available as an experimental features and can be enabled in the settings tab. At present, only user-defined playlists can be re-ordered.

(CP-152) Replaced the search bar with a Global Search tab

Release 2.4.0 (6311489)

(CP-146) Clicking current menu item or Choir Practice app header will now scroll current view to top

(CP-148) Playlist name will now be pre-selected when text input gains focus

(CP-150) Enabled Playlists feature by default and removed Favourites feature. Tracks that have been marked as a favourite previously, will appear in a playlist named Favourites.

(CP-145) Last selected playlist will be shown again when app is restarted

(CP-130) UX and performance improvements

Release 2.3.3 (6311483)

(CP-132) Upgraded React Native version

(CP-133) Android performance optimisations

(CP-128) Fixed playlist selector text colour in dark mode

(CP-131) Fixed a bug where the notification icon could have been blank on some devices

Release 2.3.0 (6311480)

(CP-99) Resource provider configs are now loaded asynchronously on the setup screen. This facilitates setting up new providers, e.g. for small group performances or other choirs

(CP-121) Multiple resource providers can now be set up to be used at the same time, e.g. for users that belong to multiple groups

(CP-123) Tracks can now also be added to playlists from the track info screen

(CP-126) All Tracks playlist will be selected when a playlist is deleted while it is open

(CP-4) Added auto playlists e.g. to sort resources into main and Christmas resources

(CP-4) Favourites now show as a playlist if playlists are enabled

Release 2.2.0 (6311473)

(CP-4) Added Playlists as an experimental feature that can be enabled from the settings tab

Release 2.1.0 (6311470)

(CP-3) Added Shuffle button as an experimental feature

(CP-117) Removed zoom mode, which was an experimental feature on the Android app

(CP-3) Added next/previous track skip buttons

(CP-3) Added a Play All button, UX improvements incl. ability to start track again in player view

(CP-23) Allowed playback to continue outside full player view

(CP-113) Patch time in settings tab is now displayed in local time

Release 2.0.0

(CP-110) Updated logo

Release 1.10.0

(CP-112) Fixed a bug where a progress indicator may still have been shown for a failed download

(CP-111) Added an option to view score without automatically playing the recording

(CP-95) Aligned player control bar with new theming

(CP-96) Moved Favourite control on track info screen into title bar

(CP-100) Rephrased and moved resource provider note from password screen to resource selection screen

(CP-104) Showing better error messages when password validation fails due to network issue

(CP-84) Added a label for each menu bar icon

(CP-89) Fixed a bug where last track in list was hidden behind menu bar

(CP-41) Added link to changelog in settings

(CP-82) Added demo data source and UX changes to enable switching between data sources

(CP-76) Light theme is now the default for new users, setup screens theming has been improved

(CP-82) Refactoring to enable app to handle multiple data sources

(CP-76) Added square launcher icon for systems that prefer square icons over rounded ones

(CP-76) Replaced light theme with preview theme, updated dark theme to match light theme changes

Release 1.9.1

(CP-80) Added Favourites feature

Release 1.9.0

(CP-76) Moved Downloaded Tracks icon back to menu bar

(CP-79) Improved handling of notifications when app closed

(CP-77) ScrollView for tracklists has been replaced with FlatList and the Downloaded Tracks tab has been merged into the Home tab, which has a new icon.

(CP-77) Added FlatList instead of ScrollView for Home tracklist as an experimental feature

(CP-33) PNG icons have been replaced with SVG ones (same icons)

(CP-75) Crashlytics has been enabled

(CP-74) Added link to disclaimer to app, replacing reference to Github disclaimer which did not exist anymore.

Release 1.8.4

(CP-72) Resources are now synced automatically when a resource update notification is received.

(CP-73) Github link has been removed from settings screen.

Release 1.8.3

(CP-69) Added workaround for bug in rn-fetch-blob so pdfs can open externally again

Release 1.8.2

(CP-70) Fixed a regression where file:// prefix was missing

Release 1.8.1

(CP-70) Fixed a regression where resources with spaces in file names could not be opened

Enabled proguard to reduce app size

Release 1.8.0

(CP-36) Fixed display of multiline notifications

(CP-36) Set up correct notification channel

(CP-36) Added notifications

(CP-68) Added privacy policy

(CP-30) Refactored track object

Automated release with fastlane

Release 1.7.1

(CP-55) fixed a regression in 1.7.0 where some resources were not downloadable

(CP-53) Increased sync speed considerably by using server-side generated json patch files instead of parsing LCV resource HTML page in-app

(CP-54) Fixed a bug where deletions were not synced

Release 1.6.0

(CP-19) Upgraded React Native to meet new 64bit requirement for Android apps

(CP-35) Enabled syncing of LCV Christmas resources

Release 1.5.2

(CP-48) Added a zoom switch for icon and text size

(CP-49) Replaced beta programme with feature flags (Experimental Features), available to anyone in the Preferences tab

Release 1.5.0

(CP-44) Re-enabled playback rate switch feature introduced in release 1.4.4

Release 1.4.6

(CP-44) Disabled playback rate switch feature as deemed not ready for production release

(CP-46) Hot fix to accommodate for LCV resource presentation inconsistencies

(CP-44) Made an improvement to reset playback rate when playing new track

(CP-44) Added a playback rate switch control

Release 1.4.3

(CP-42) Added capability to close search via hardware back button press

(CP-39) Added beta track link in settings tab

(CP-38) Added a new icon that allows clearing search bar input without closing the search

(CP-29) Added a search bar that allows searching by title

Release 1.3.6

Release 1.3.5

Release 1.3.1

Hot fix for regression in 1.3.0 (unable to initialise app after fresh install)

Release 1.3.0

(CP-17) new track info screen

(CP-18) Improved hardware back button navigation behaviour

(CP-22) Player no longer closes automatically at end of playback

Release 1.2.0

(CP-10) There is now an option in the preferences tab to switch between the light theme and a new dark theme

(CP-14) Last sync time is displayed in All Tracks tab

(CP-15) Reduced app size by generating platform-specific bundles

Release 1.1.2

(CP-13) Fixed a bug where the app would always default to English even if a translation for the preferred locale of the user was available.

Release 1.1.1

(CP-6) Scores for which no recording is available yet, will now also be synced. The pdf can be downloaded and viewed and the download option will become available again once the recording is available.

Release 1.0.1

Initial Google Play release

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