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Current Release

Track Version Release Date
App Store 2.9.0 25 May 2020

Release 2.9.0 (6311528)

(CP-190) Playback position is now indicated during playback

Release 2.8.2 (6311527)

(CP-233) Fixed a regression where the Download All feature could cause the app to get stuck when used for a track which does not have all three resource types (recording, score, all-parts recording)

Release 2.8.1 (6311526)

(CP-232) News and video feed UX improvements

Release 2.8.0 (6311525)

(CP-186) The app bar has been removed in favour of contextual action buttons

(CP-202) Draggable progress bar is now disabled when playback stopped

(CP-220) Technical changes to identify updated resources more accurately

(CP-231) News and YouTube links are now displayed within the app for some groups

Release 2.7.1 (6311524)

(CP-224) Fixed a bug which caused some users to get duplicate notifications

(CP-226) Fixed a bug where playlist order may not have been persisted correctly after reordering tracks

(CP-119) Added drag and drop seeking as a feature preview

(CP-129) Improved playback rate component UX

(CP-172) Outdated tracks can now be updated automatically (configurable in Preferences)

(CP-173) Improved spacing of player controls

(CP-177) Added an action menu to the playlist screen (feature preview)

(CP-180) Added display of playback time as a feature preview

(CP-188) Added a Send Feedback link in settings

(CP-191) A hint advising of feature previews is shown once on startup

(CP-208) Fixed a bug where deleting the all-parts recording could have deleted the other resources for the same track

Release 2.6.3 (6311520)

(CP-178) Replaced native buttons with custom ones that look the same on iOS and Android

(CP-179) Fixed an issue where playback would stop after about a minute of the iOS app being in background

(CP-182) Fixed a bug where the info/score icon was incorrectly positioned when no custom playlists had been created

Release 2.6.2 (6311519)

(CP-165) Improved downloading behaviour to prevent scenarios where the app may get stuck in a downloading state, and added progress visualisation to download button component.

(CP-166) Track list rows now show the info icon when no score has been downloaded

(CP-167) Track lists are now synced automatically

(CP-168) Replaced arrow back icon with chevron back icon for iOS only

(CP-169) Icon sizes now adjust to device font scaling

(CP-170) Track info sections are now sorted by download order, i.e. score first

Release 2.6.1 (6311513)

(CP-164) Fixed an issue where score focus mode could not be entered on iOS

(CP-164) A hint advising of score focus mode is displayed once when the score viewer is first opened

(CP-137) Where a newer version of a downloaded resource is available, this will now be indicated

(CP-163) UX improvements to move track info screen into player and show fewer buttons in the track list

Release 2.5.3 (6311505)

(CP-159) Notifications have been enabled for all groups

Release 2.5.2 (6311504)

(CP-162) Nav bar animations have been disabled, as the underlying library is causing issues. Animations can be re-enabled via experimental features.

Release 2.5.1 (6311503)

(CP-138) Added capability to switch between main and alternate recording (e.g. all-parts recording) during playback

(CP-156) Removed All Tracks playlist. Find all tracks in Search tab instead.

Release 2.5.0 (6311501)

(CP-155) Added a colour scheme picker as an experimental feature that can be enabled in settings

(CP-151) Playlist sorting is now available as an experimental features and can be enabled in the settings tab. At present, only user-defined playlists can be re-ordered.

(CP-152) Replaced the search bar with a Global Search tab

Release 2.4.0 (6311489)

(CP-146) Clicking current menu item or Choir Practice app header will now scroll current view to top

(CP-147) Fixed a bug where the playlist name text input could have been obscured by the keyboard in landscape mode

(CP-148) Playlist name will now be pre-selected when text input gains focus

(CP-150) Enabled Playlists feature by default and removed Favourites feature. Tracks that have been marked as a favourite previously, will appear in a playlist named Favourites.

(CP-145) Last selected playlist will be shown again when app is restarted

(CP-130) UX and performance improvements

Release 2.3.3 (6311483)

(CP-132) Upgraded React Native version

(CP-128) Fixed playlist selector text colour in dark mode

Release 2.3.0 (6311480)

(CP-99) Resource provider configs are now loaded asynchronously on the setup screen. This facilitates setting up new providers, e.g. for small group performances or other choirs

(CP-121) Multiple resource providers can now be set up to be used at the same time, e.g. for users that belong to multiple groups

(CP-123) Tracks can now also be added to playlists from the track info screen

(CP-126) All Tracks playlist will be selected when a playlist is deleted while it is open

(CP-4) Added auto playlists e.g. to sort resources into main and Christmas resources

(CP-4) Favourites now show as a playlist if playlists are enabled

Release 2.2.0 (6311473)

(CP-4) Added Playlists as an experimental feature that can be enabled from the settings tab

Release 2.1.0 (6311470)

(CP-3) Added Shuffle button as an experimental feature

(CP-3) Added next/previous track skip buttons

(CP-3) Added a Play All button, UX improvements incl. ability to start track again in player view

(CP-23) Allowed playback to continue outside full player view

(CP-114) Enabled audio playback in background on iOS

(CP-113) Patch time in settings tab is now displayed in local time

Release 2.0.0

Initial AppStore release

(CP-110) Updated logo

(CP-112) Fixed a bug where a progress indicator may still have been shown for a failed download

(CP-111) Added an option to view score without automatically playing the recording

(CP-93) Configured iOS launch screen

(CP-95) Aligned player control bar with new theming

(CP-96) Moved Favourite control on track info screen into title bar

(CP-100) Rephrased and moved resource provider note from password screen to resource selection screen

(CP-104) Showing better error messages when password validation fails due to network issue

(CP-76) Fixed a bug where content may have been hidden behind iOS notch in landscape

(CP-83) An alert is now displayed on iOS when receiving a notification while app is open

(CP-83) Made a change to request iOS notifications permission on startup if not granted already

(CP-90) Upgraded a dependency that used deprecated iOS API that would prevent App Store approval

(CP-91) Fixed a bug where the iOS app would be unable to find downloaded resources after updating the app

(CP-83) Enabled notifications for iOS

(CP-84) Added a label for each menu bar icon

(CP-87) Fixed a bug in iOS app where playback controls would not disappear after playback end

(CP-89) Fixed a bug where last track in list was hidden behind menu bar

(CP-41) Added link to changelog in settings

(CP-34) Prepared app for iOS release via Testflight

(CP-63) Adjusted switch component style so it works for iOS

(CP-65) Implemented Open PDF Externally for iOS

(CP-67) Added iOS app icons

(CP-68) Added privacy policy

(CP-66) Set up script to use package version as iOS app version name

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